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That moment will come when things seem bleak . You desperately want to do what's best for an aging loved one who is ill. Problem is no one prepared you for the caregiver journey. That leaves one very important question unanswered: Who's helping you? 


the crosswalk

We meet so many family caregivers who are stuck, not sure where to go next. The Crosswalk was created to help caregivers get going even when the going gets tough. 

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"Your frankness about how challenging  it can be to care for someone with dementia provides a different perspective for health care professionals..."

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our story

In September of 2006, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. I was 38 years old and an only child. I got help too late.

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From the time I was a very young child, mom insisted I do it on my own.  It was the one lesson she taught me I had to unlearn. 

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