Talking the Walk


Claire Webster's own personal journey as a caregiver has given her the confidence to mentor others . The Fall and Rise of Superwoman is a lecture about vulnerability and the resilience that is required to manage the care of a loved one while raising a family, having a career, and balancing society's expectations. 


Crosstalks focuses on the challenges that caregivers face when they don't have adequate support, and the ripple effect that it has on their own health and the impact on their family. This is an ideal lecture for students, professionals and caregivers about the journey to rediscover one's self when others are losing theirs. 

“Your number one priority has to be your health; if you’re not healthy mentally and physically, you can’t be a proper caregiver to your loved one.” Read more>


what people are saying about crosstalks

Your frankness about how challenging it can be to care for someone with dementia provides a different perspective for health care professionals who may not be familiar with the demands that caregivers face.
— Mary Sullivan, Assistant Nurse Manager, Montreal General Hospital
Claire is an insightful, inspiring and engaging speaker. She bravely shares her personal experience as a caregiver including challenges and ways to overcome them. Our students praise her talk as an excellent learning opportunity.
— Dana Anaby, PhD, Assistant Professor, McGill University

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