The First Step Is the Best Step.


It can also be the hardest step. How do you begin to ask for help when you don't know that you're entitled to it? How can you begin to feel supported when you feel that others won't understand? 


Caregiver Crosswalk is both a pathway and a companion along the path to finding the best possible care for you and your loved one.





Health care systems are complicated to understand. Where do you begin to get help and what do you do when that help is not available or enough? A caregiver's world is filled with unrelenting demands and the need to learn about new resources and acquire new skills. We can help you navigate the caregiver experience successfully. 


Planning for a future you can't imagine is tough. But we've been there and we know the journey. We start by getting to know you, your family, and the person you're caring for. We help you lay the building blocks for a brighter and more secure future by mapping out a plan that has everyone's best interest at heart.  





Encountering stumbling blocks will be an inevitable part of the process. They may be personal, family oriented, or coming from outside agencies like health care systems. You'll have those sink or swim moments. Caregiver Crosswalk is the bridge between understanding what you need and getting what you need.

We work with dedicated professionals skilled in helping families meet the demands of caregiving. From home care providers, relocation specialists, occupational and rehabilitation therapists to legal and financial experts as well as many more, we can recommend local companies and community organizations who can support you along your journey.



heartfelt thank you's from our clients

Claire took the time and with love and compassion explained to both myself and my husband who’s mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease what we could expect in the weeks and months to come.
— Reesa
Claire Webster has been integral to the happiness and well being of my entire family. Her advice was the lone clear voice in an otherwise impersonal system.
— Patrick